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Stone Ripper

A great local San Diego beer. Find out more.

Modern Times

Great local beer made in Point Loma - San Diego.

Made in-Sd

A gluten-reduced beer made locally in San Diego, CA

Coronado Brewing

A delicious local brew made on Coronado Island.

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Barrel Aged Beers

Barrel Aged Beers Continue to Impress

Brewers are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to make beer. In recent years, barrel-aged beers have taken the craft beer industry by storm. Take your best brew, throw it in a used barrel, and enjoy the incredible beverage that pours out in as little as a few short weeks. Introducing a used barrel allows beer to take on additional flavor profiles and reach new limits. In many cases, these barrel-aged brews also have significantly increased ABVs, making them very popular with beer drinkers.

Not all barrel-aged beers are the same. The type of barrel that a beer is aged in will significantly affect the beer’s final result. Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer The bourbon industry is booming, and the beer industry is taking full advantage of this success. Since more bourbon is being produced and put out on shelves, there has been an increasing number of empty bourbon barrels available in recent years. Brewers have jumped at the opportunity to purchase these used barrels for the sole purpose of aging their most delicious ales.

Bourbon barrel aged beers enjoy a high ABV thanks to the angel’s share of whiskey that remains in the barrel after extraction. The beer invades the oak barrel walls and invites any remaining whiskey to the party. The result is a complex, sweet, and oaky beer that can satisfy beer drinkers and whiskey drinkers, alike.

Try: Alltech Brewing Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale; Lightning Brew Black Lightning Porter

Staying Safe After Visiting a San Diego Brewery

There is no denying that craft beer is trending in San Diego. Since each brewery serves up a unique experience, there’s always a reason to visit an old favorite or check a new one off the list. While this can be exciting, exploring breweries around San Diego can leave you far from home. If you don’t have a plan in place to get home safely, accidents can happen.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe after visiting a San Diego brewery.

Walk Carefully

Maybe you’re thinking about hitting a San Diego craft brewery that’s only a few blocks down the road from your home, rather than heading across town. While you may think that walking is safer than driving, this may not necessarily be true. According to San Diego attorney David Muñoz, roads in the city have proven to be particularly dangerous for pedestrians.

“The rate at which pedestrians have been involved in traffic accidents has been on the rise, and alcohol is a huge factor," Muñoz explains. “Pedestrians who are intoxicated are more likely to violate traffic laws and stumble out into traffic, and less capable of reacting to traffic around them.”

The best way to avoid being hit by car? Make sure that you stop drinking at least an hour before start your journey home. Ask for a glass of water, grab a snack, and indulge in whatever games the brewery has to offer while you sober up.

Designate a Sober Driver

While being the designated driver isn’t necessarily the most glamorous job, it can help to save lives. There are tens of dozens of craft breweries in San Diego, making it impossible to hit them all in one night. Sit down with a few friends and talk about taking a few different trips to visit area craft breweries. Each trip, a different person will act as the designated driver, ensuring that everyone gets home safely. A designated driver also helps to prevent the dreaded DUI. Police are always on the lookout for drunk drivers, and a DUI has serious consequences. If you do get charged with a DUI, you'll need an experienced DUI lawyer.

Ride With Uber or Lyft

If you can’t get everyone to agree to take a turn as the designated driver, Uber or Lyft may be your next-best choice. While this option will cost a little bit more, nothing is more precious than your life. Starting this year, San Diego craft breweries can even offer free or discounted rides (via Uber, Lyft, or a taxicab) to consumers, if necessary. Choosing to hop in an Uber or Lyft, rather than getting behind the wheel, will increase the odds of you getting home safely.

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